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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Yayyyyyy for Lost Radio

I know a lot of folks in here are Lost fans (death_by_yarn, I'm looking at you). Well...our friend, our co-member, one of our sponsors,kaidysoft, got a super big surprise on Lost Radio tonight.

Jorge Garcia unexpectedly called in!!!! He is the one who plays Hurley on Lost, and he has also had roles on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Becker.

Considering that she was totally taken by surprise, and considering that like, she had just gotten called by Jorge freakin' Garcia, our kaidysoft did a FABULOUS job.

Go on over to http://www.lost-radio.com. Tonight's show should be up there soon and you can check it out.

kaidysoft also managed to work in a little plug for us, mostly cuz I was a pain and kept bugging her :( Sorry babe, but I appreciate it more than i can say.

Once again, everybody...http://www.lost-radio.com!

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Nehnhaa said...

Oh, how did you get the lj symbol to work here? That's rather nifty.