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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hokies Project

Would anyone be interested in/opposed to making a blanket and sending it to the Virginia Tech president's office? Maybe we could all make squares in the VA Tech colors, or something of that sort. And we wouldn't have to tally any of that, cuz that would be kind of tacky, maybe.

But we are a group trying to spread some sunshine, and boy do those folks need some right now.



doclegs makes a good point that VA Tech will probably be inundated. However, in looking at their site there doesn't yet seem to be a place for flowers or in-kind gifts.

Maybe what we could do is gather squares that are just maroon and gold, donate it to Warm Up America or some other charity, and write the president of the school to let him know that we donated in the memory of those who were killed. We could send him a picture as well. We could agree on something pretty general like Red Heart maroon and Caron Yellow or something like that.

Any further ideas are welcome.

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