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Thursday, April 5, 2007

March Summary

March's finished objects: 121
Total finished objects so far: 175

The Dulaan Project got a pair of socks from jpettibone and six sweaters from one of death_by_yarn's patients. Mrs. M.

afghans for Afghans got a pair of socks for their sock drive from thesnapemobile, two baby hats for their Mother's Day drive from death_by_yarn and a pair of socks from nehnhaa.

Warm up America got 76 squares (14 + 3 + 36 + 9 + 1 +7 + 6), which will be part of the community blanket drive, from jpettibone, theonlyevidence, funfairiegirl, fivesenses and joriejc2.

A local women's shelter got another five scarfs from joriejc2.

The Snuggles Project got a blanket from theonlyevidence and another blanket from funfairegirl.

Head Huggers got three hats from theonlyevidence (2 + 1).

Crafty Angels received a baby hat and two baby bibs from theonlyevidence.

The Victory Junction Gang Camp got an afghan from joriejc2.

The Preemie Project got a preemie baby hat from leftygirl02.

Project Linus got five afghans (3 + 2 + 1 + 2) from crazigriffen, doclegs and lindsoriah.

The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life got five hats from arian_diana.

A local chemo patient and her granddaughter got a hat and bag from arian_diana.

A local Helping Hands chapter received a hat and two purses from arian_diana.

A local animal shelter got small animal blanket from arian_diana.


Other stuff that happened in March:

joriejc2 has a wish list for April.

We're getting mentioned in Lost Radio by kaidysoft.

We've added baked goods to our tally of charity items.

We had a naming contest for a website which arian_diana won with "crafting for a cause". We now have a blogspot blog at craftingforacause.blogspot.com set up by funfairiegirl. See here for more details on how it will be used and how to post etc. The livejournal RSS feed can be subscribed to here.

And there's a Frapper Map to show where we all are.


January 2007 - 21
February 2007 - 33

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JorieJC2 said...

Wow. There they all are. Thank you very much!!! :)