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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bag O'Sunshine, Take 2

arian_diana has probably the easiest access to a VA, so right now I am looking at the VA in her town being kind of our adopted receiver. It's Indiana, it's the heartland. Who can argue with that? If doclegs finds out other places, we could always donate to more than one place. Similarly, per leftygirl, if you have a VA in your own hometown that you want to contribute to, just let us know.

funfairiegirl made the point that instead of having a point person to stuff the bags with whatever, all items should be sent to the person who will actually be going to the VA. If little games or whatever are purchased, those can be sent and hopefully the person won't mind sticking those items in little bags...or whatever.

doclegs has already volunteered to purchase little items that are needed. If there are any other volunteers for that kind of thing (emmiegray, I'm thinking of your previous kind offer here) then let us know.

arian_diana will also let us know what other items are needed, but I'm thinking this is a good start for now. Please continue to offer insight, whether for or against.

Thanks everyone!

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