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Thursday, April 12, 2007

5 more fun scarves

( peekshure )

I have to tell you a story about the scarf on the right. So, over the weekend I went to my craft store. They've had yarn on sale for $1 in the clearance section since around Halloween. A crafter's worst nightmare, but I've been pretty strong. Still, I needed to do a couple more fun scarves to finish out my 5, and I don't have a whole lot left, so I got the purple fuzzy stuff on the far left and this black, white, and grey Darice Folklore on the right. Usually a skein is enough to do one of these scarves, so I figured I'd be fine. Well, last night, I ran out of yarn...and I was only about 3-quarters of the way done. So, I head out to my craft store.

Since Saturday, they reorganized the entire clearance aisle, and I can't find ANY yarn, not to mention the stuff I neeeded. I looked, I asked...and I was about to give up when I thought to myself, no...I will find one more skein of this stuff! I went through one box, two boxes...no luck. But then, in the third box I tried, there it was!!! I literally got the last skein of the yarn in the entire store, finished the scarf, and um...I really want it for myself cuz I like it lots. But I'm giving it away anyway :)


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