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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thought you'd want to know :)

For those of you keeping track, we are already at 33 items. That's a pretty good way to start the year!! Way to go everybody! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lots Of Hats This Week!

First, I wanted to say how honored I am that I was named the crafter of the month! I've been having so much fun with the One Hundred Hats project, I forget that others are watching sometimes!

Speaking of, here's the hats I've gotten posted up this week:

I'm also happy to report I've written another hat pattern, and this time all the proceeds will be going to helping out the Haitian relief efforts of Doctors Without Borders! You can read more about the pattern here, and here's a photo of the finished product:

Also, I love the idea of knitting up items to sell (on an Etsy account, perhaps?) to raise money for charity! I've got several hat patterns I've written recently I'd be glad to share toward that sort of undertaking, and would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to write a pattern or two that would be Homespun Helpers signature patterns for people to use. What do we think of that?

a 2-part post

Hi everyone!

We're halfway through the first month of 2010 already. That's pretty crazy. But, in addition to it being crazy, it's also time for us to celebrate our first star of the month! And that star is: Craftyone, aka Robyn :)

Why is Robyn our star? Well, have you checked out the project she has been working on?


I think you'll find it pretty darned amazing. I sure do. Robyn is sharing the wealth by posting her hats to our community so that we can also tally her work.

Way to go, Robyn!

Part two: I am rolling around an idea in my head and I'd like feedback. I'm thinking of seeing if we can team up with some designers of knitting or crocheting patterns. They would make up one design for us so that we could sell items and raise money for charity. There are a lot of situations, like the current on in Haiti, where unfortunately, money is needed more than anything we can do with our needles and hooks, at least for now. I would really like Homespun Helpers to be able to reach out in those situations, still using our hands, but in a different way. The items we would sell would count towards our tally -- I'd start a special etsy shop, probably.

Interested in your thoughts! Let me know 'em :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sure Is Cold Here!

How has everyone's week been going? It's super cold here in Nebraska, so we've mostly been hunkered down waiting for some sort of thaw. Today it got above freezing and we did a little happy dance!

The one good thing about all this cold is the knitting I've been able to get done! Last week I got two more hats knocked out for my One Hundred Hats project!

Hopefully this time next week I'll have THREE new hats to share, but for now these two have helped keep me a bit warmer - at least while I was taking the pictures!

What is everyone else working on this week? I hear it's pretty cold all across the US, so some knitting will help warm us all up for sure - plus, it highlights the need for warmth for all.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Item #1 for me

This is going to Project Snuggles :)


Two New Hats for 2010!

Happy 2010 everyone! One of my goals this year is to actually post everything I'm knitting for charity over here, share the love with you all. These two hats were knitted up just before the clock struck midnight, but because I'm sharing them now, they count for 2010, yes?

Both hats, modeled by my hot husband, are for the One Hundred Hats project. I'm just finishing up hat #30, but these are hats #28 and #29. I can't believe I'm already 1/3 of the way done with the project - although I'm a bit behind I think, and need to step it up!

With all the snow we've been having here in the Midwest, we've been spending tons of time inside, trying to keep warm, and that means tons of charity knitting projects for sure! Hopefully I'll have tons more to post to the blog soon!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010!!!

Hi there everybody,

I wanted to announce, as you can see in our tallies, that in 2009 we made 2,655 items!!! We are almost to 10,000 items as an organization over 3 years -- 9,289! :)

However, we can't just sit back and enjoy our accomplishments! The tally is back to 0, and boy do people need our help. So in between eating healthier, exercising more, being happier, and having the best year ever...get those hooks and needles cooking! :)

Love y'all!