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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Caron square contest

Hey all,

Well, I finally heard back from Caron.

"I'm sure using your name (meaning group) will be fine."

So, here is my suggestion.

Since Robyn has agreed to send and collect the squares for us, we'll have the check made out to her on behalf of Homespun Helpers if we win. We will vote on a group to donate the funds to with part of those funds staying with Robyn to fund the type pad site. Robyn, the onus will be on you to prove that you didn't run off to Mexico :)

Let me know if this sounds okay to everyone. I think it will be the easiest way to go.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Caron Square contest--important note

Hey all,

As I've discussed with Robyn (aka craftyone, aka warmwithlove), my only concern with the Caron contest is that if we win (optimistically), i want to be sure they can send the prize to a group of our choice since we don't really have an official place to keep group money...I don't think it could be arranged in a way that everyone would feel comfortable with.

I've e-mailed them to see if they could give the $300 to a group of our choosing rather than directly to us and I am waiting to hear back. I definitely want to compete anyway, but just wanted to make sure everyone is aware that the money will not be coming to us! :)


Also, great job...we are over 100 items for our first month and we still have a week left!!!!! :):):):):):):):):)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

update on Caron's WIUA Squares competition

hey all. i got more info on the warm up america squares competition. it looks like we can participate (and by that i mean when i e-mailed them about it, and told them what our group was, they didn't say we couldn't participate), and if you want i can be the point person. here's what we do:

  • make as many 7" x 9" squares as you can and mail them to me by april 15
  • the squares have to get to them by may 1, but they have to also be in one big group, so that's why you'd mail them to me
  • i'll mail them out on april 20th to ensure they get to the organization in time
  • in the package we'd have to include contact information for the group.
that's it! i'll probably ask for a bit of help on the postage to mail them to the organization (depending on how many we get) but if we won we'd get $300, which i suggest we use to purchase yarn and supplies for organizations that need it.

i'm officially game, so let me know (via comment here) when you're sending out squares so i can be sure to get to the po box to grab them. my address is:

robyn charles
po box 6487
omaha, ne 68106

let's get to square making!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Caron Square contest

Theonlyevidence brought it to my/our attention recently that Caron Yarn is having a contest encouraging people not only to use their yarn, but also to make squares for Warm Up America.

You send the squares together if you are working as a group, and the group who sends in the most squares wins a check for $300.

I am not sure if we count as an official "group," unfortunately. In other words, I don't know who the money would go to were we to win. But here is what I would like to explore.

If we try and make the most squares, could the $300 go to a charity that we vote on here? Would they send the check that way?

Can someone check that out? If the answer is yes, I think we'd have a pretty darned good motivation (and poor crazigriffen wouldn't be inundated with sewing projects :)

Tell me what you think!

5 Chemo Hats

I have finished 5 chemo hats so far this year. These will be donated tomorrow to the Danbury Hospital through my crochet guild. I should get one more hat made tomorrow at the guild meeting. I will try to remember to take a picture, and I will post when it is finished.

Monday, January 7, 2008

typepad space, fees, etc

hey all. pausing from the january crafting for a minute to talk about the typepad space we've got set up now. there's still a lot that i want to add there (galleries, personal stories, a "master list" of all of us crafters and our blogs), but before i do that, i want to make sure we all want the space. most of what's happening there can be done in this space with just a little tweaking to the blog, and i'd be willing to do that instead of the typepad space if that's the direction everyone wants to go. i know we all want to have a larger webpage presence, but here's where i'm stuck.

to have the typepad space (which will eventually be linked to the homespunhelpers.org domain, when we buy it) costs money. and i've had sickness in my house the last few weeks, both on the human end and the cat end, totaling over $1000. so i'm struggling to pay the fees it takes to keep typepad up and running for us. i need help, and the donations button is up there, but has yet to be used.

which is cool. if we want to forego that for now, just have this space (and the LJ space), i can see about hopping on here and making some changes and such. i just need to know one way or the other, because the monthly fees are due again, and that $15 could be the difference between overdrafting my checking account and not. which sucks, but it's reality.

let me know in the comments what you think, and i'll proceed accordingly.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

another charity scarf!

here's one more scarf made to donate to the Scarves For Patty project i'm involved in!

don't forget!

I want us to come out of the gate real strong here in January 2008. I had set the goal of finishing 100 items this month and we already have 10! Let's try and start out 2008 by reaching our first goal! :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

three scarves in three days

here's three scarves i've made so far ... the two red ones will be sent to street knit, and the magenta one will be brought back with me to chicago so i can give it to my mom (for the scarves to patty project).

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sample Bag

Hey all,

There is a project going on called Operation Bag Of Home. We are working with another livejournal community (militarylove) to send bags stuffed with things like "wet ones" overseas to soldiers in action. There is a new livejournal community for this project called operationboh. Anyway, I've done a sample bag which co-project runner, coyotescall, is going to stuff into a pocket to make sure it works.




This is a momentous occasion because it is my first project completed on double-pointed needles! Woop woop!

Anyway, it closes with the string at the top -- not like, totally sealed, but it would be enough to keep things in but get at them easily.

Measurement = about 3" wide about very close to 5" tall.

For those of you who knit, I CO 30 stitches and split them even between 3 dpns (size 6). Regular ole red heart yarn.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

we've got ravelry!

hey there all! i just set up a spot for us on ravelry! we're "homespun helpers" there as well, so if you've got a ravelry account, head on over and sign up!

and if any of you have already posted your ravelry account name here, i'm about to search through our archives and find them and send you an invite!