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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Project Bag O'Sunshine

Based on the insight I received so far on the last post, here is my proposal. Let me know any further thoughts, criticisms, or patterns for crocheting cars. (Just kidding) :)

1) I am nominating arian_diana and doclegs to be our sources of information, if they are willing (and since they have already started gathering information, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Any specifications about bag sizes, colors, etc should come from them. They are "in the know" as it were.

2) Ideally, what I would love to happen is to be able to send our knitted or crocheted bags to a couple of different people, likely non-crafters who want to play, who would go to a Wal-Mart or some other kind of discount store and buy a travel size toothpaste, soap...stuff like that. These items usually can be found for about 50 cents, so I'm thinking filling 2 bags would be about equivalent to buying one skein of yarn or so.

3) If the above does not happen, that's cool.

4) Depending on what our informants find out, i think it would be ideal to have a point person to whom we can send our finished products to. Then, when maybe 20 are collected, that person can drop those off to the VA place. This way, they will not have to pay for postage, and the VA Hospital will not have to worry about opening boxes and all of that kind of stuff (arian_diana, I'm kind of looking at you for this since you mentioned your local hospital, but it could be anyone).

Now...supplement, comment, complain...all ideas are welcome :)

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