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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A weird idea

So, we got an anonymous comment on the previous post that let to a US Troop Care Package Site, and that gave me a weird idea.

One of the things they ask for on there are little carrying bags for the folks at Walter Reed so that they can carry around their toothpaste and stuff like that. They want bags with handles so that folks with crutches or other issues can handle the bags easily.

I got to thinkin...bags are pretty darned easy really, whether you are a crocheter or a knitter. At the most basic, you make two squares and sew 3 sides together. Then you have rockstars who can do a lot more.

So what if we made these little bags, no settled upon pattern but out of bright colors (maybe red white & blue, but not necessarily)?

Additionally, if someone would want to do this, we could send the bags to a person and maybe they could contribute by buying travel sized toothpastes, soaps, stuff like that, a couple of items, totalling like, $1, and those could be put in the bag. Each little package would be an item.

Now, my only concern with something like this is that I think we would want to a) make sure that we send these to a place that realllllly could use them. Maybe someone could research another VA hospital that is less famous than Walter Reed, that might not get as many donations.

Additionally, we'd probably want to wait and send a huge amount in a box. I think doing onesie twosie might just cause paper trouble for whomever we're donating to.

Is this sounding like a starting point to anyone? Ideas? Ideas?

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doclegs said...

Threw up a looooooong comment on LJ. :)