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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hey there everybody!

I hope everyone had a good Easter and/or a good Passover. Too bad mother nature had to crap all over many of us and give us blizzards and sub-zero windchills. Blegh. But ANYWAY...

We still have one more day to reach those goals I set on Friday. That's right, I'm extending the holiday because I have tomorrow off work, and my holiday is your holiday! I know, don't you wish.

Anyway, we need 11 more items to get to 200...so that's something to shoot for. If you have been stock-piling FOs, get 'em out there! Thanks to jpettibone and theonlyevidence for their posts tonight!

We only need 7 more people to join our blogspot community to bring the number up to 20. E-mail craftingforacause@gmail.com in order to do that.

I'd also like to encourage folks to check out 25thingsforcharity.blogspot.com. Their group is very similar to ours, but instead of tallying things as a community, their theme is individuals striving to make and donate 25 items in a year. It's a pretty neat idea and since we are all making tons of stuff, it would fit right in. Check them out, and you can e-mail cynabel@yahoo.com to join there (she'd like you to put "25 things" in the subject heading).

Remember to vote here regarding tallying here and at livejournal.

And I think that's it. Here's to a great week, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Hello! thanks for the plug for 25 Things. I need your e-mail address to send you an invite to join our group. Send it to cynabel@yahoo.com


Anne K. said...

Hi - just discovered you through 25Things. Nice to see another group dedicated to this effort. Come visit me as well!