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Sunday, August 31, 2008


36 hours and counting ....

Friday, August 29, 2008

Chipping away, more to count

Addressing box as we speak to send to Lil Troppers. Items for babies of our men and women in The Army. Blue and Pink Baby Ghan, Pink Booties, Blue socktype bootie, Pink and multiple colored newborn poncho, Rust Newborn Poncho, and Blue and Ivory newborn vest.

Posted pics of these slippers individually awhile back on my blog, but hadn't found a home for them, have now. There were sent several days ago with the 5 squares to Pine Ridge Reservation through the group Love Afghans for PRR. (5 six inch squares, and 4 pair of slippers).
Have a safe, fun and productive Labor Day Week End, one and ll.
Go Team Ohio

Monday, August 25, 2008

Regional Summer Contest Update # 4

As of approximately noon PDT, here are the totals:

Team Ohio: 120

Team Godzilla: 133

Team Dust Devils: 217

Team New England/Chowdaheads: 118

The contest has really tightened -- kudos to both Godzilla and NE/Chowdaheads for your work over the past couple of weeks!!!

You all have approximately 1 week and 12 hours before the contest closes.

Happy Crafting and please Tag :))

Sunday, August 24, 2008

So numerically, just how awesome are ya?

There are a few numerical landmarks that we have reached as of today, and I thought, as the Summer comes to a close, that they are worth noting.

First, the Olympics challenge. Pretty basic concept. See how much stuff we can make during the 17-day Olympic extravaganza. Boy did you all deliver!! In just 17 days, this group made 256267 items for charity!!!! WOW. That is like, crazy.

Landmark #2: Homespun Helpers has now made and donated a whopping 43 afghans for Afghans for Angels. We only need 7 more to reach 50!!!

And most importantly, perhaps...with reaching 2,000 items for this year, Homespun Helpers, in just 2 years, has made and donated a total of:


5,354 items

It's a number we haven't talked about much this year since this year has its own set of goals, but step back and think about that. That is pretty something.

Don't forget, the Regional Summer Contest ends on Labor Day and the Personal Achievement Contest is still going on!:)

Getting things finished!

All scarfs knitted, the first one...earthy one with 2 strands, the pink one with a single strand, and mutli colored one is JoAnne's Sensations Yarn. All super soft.

3 scarfs heading to Scarfs from the Heart to benefit Cancer patients.

Got 6, red 8 inch granny squares done for Stitches of Love, for Sissie's 100 Lapghan for Seniors Project.

Got 2 additional pair of booties completed for the previous Marine Corp Kids box (my last post), before I taped the box shut. (booties are knitted)

Squares for Robyn!

A friend and a co-member in Homespun Helpers, Robyn, is collecting 7x7 squares for a project she is driving called "Warming Omaha". I had just enough tiny little remnants that I was able to make 10 squares, leaving only one little remnant ball left (I'm very excited).

So here they are!


don't forget my squares!

oh my gosh, don't tally it all up yet! i've made these ten squares for Warming Omaha during the games, and just haven't posted them yet. i got them done a few days ago, though, so they were totally made during the games!

12 hours left!

Well tonight is the Closing Ceremony for the Olympics. Sometime tonight I will post how many items we have done during the last 17 days. I think you will all be highly impressed :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trying to Catch Up...Military focus

I all, been in and out of town alot so haven't posted as much as normal. I have been stitching though. Here's some more items to count towards Team Ohio and Personal Goal.

Blue and Green Baby Blanket is crocheted, mostly V-stitch
Booties are a variety of knitted and crocheted.
The little hat is crocheted.

All for Marine Corp Kids. Got them in the box, addressed. Trying to finish one more item to put in. If I get it done tonight...off it goes tomorrow.
(yellow booties, dark blue with white booties, dark blue with multi blue booties, brown booties, multi-colored booties, lavendar booties with matching hat, baby blanket)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We are just over 2,000 items!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

here's the rest of the squares!

Originally uploaded by craftyone77

here's the rest of the squares. ten more to add to both the warming omaha total (warmingomaha.blogspot.com) and my personal achievement total!

a bunch more squares

so, i've been crocheting a ton, and here's the squares to prove it!

that's six there.

and five there.

i'm trying to get some more uploaded, but am having problems, so i'll have to upload them later! for now, that's eleven more for my personal achievement and also for Warming Omaha! don't forget that you still have a month to submit squares to me, for your chance to win $50 towards an Amazon gift card!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

There are 15 days left in the Regional Summer Contest

Also, we are reaching the mid-way point of the Personal Achievement Contest.

Tag! Tag! Tag! so that your posts will count :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

more for charity!

This whole "crating through the Olympics" thing has really done wonders for my speed crafting! I've gotten through this scarf you see here, plus these six more squares for Warming Omaha.

And then there's these four scarves. They'll also go to my mom to be donated at the hospital, but I'm really loving making vertical scarves. I've got a new one on the needles as we speak, and I'm thinking of making some for my Etsy shop for the holidays (obviously not to be listed here!) I love them so much! Great for using up random yarns, and you don't even need to worry about how well they all match if you don't want to, because the whole picture looks great no matter what!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Squares For Warming Omaha

here's 18 more squares made this weekend (i know!) for Warming Omaha.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good news, good news!

Just wanted to report, we are now at 40 afghans made for Afghans for Angels AND we have cleared 1,900 items made and donated for charities.

WOOHOO!!!! :)

It's shaping up to be another Amazing year!!!

Give yourselves and each other pats on the back. Well, virtually... :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympics, Check!

Hey everybody,

Tonight is the first night of the Olympics, and we are at 1,897 items.

Keep on doing what you're doing...we're going to see where we are on the last day of the Games, 17 days from now. Just for fun :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Regional Summer Contest Update # 3

Happy August everyone!

First, I want to let Robyn know that I have added her (I think you live in Omaha) to Team Godzilla. Only one of your posts was tagged for the summer contest, so please let me know if you want your others to be counted.

And now the tally ....

Team Ohio: 86
Team Godzilla: 38
Team New England: 49
Team Dust Devils: 149

There is just about a month left. The contest will close at midnight Pacific time on Labor Day!


Once upon a time, earlier this year, a lady joined Homespun Helpers. She explained that her son, who had been born premature, is turning ten this year, and to honor him she was going to make a ton of preemie sets for a local contact.

Not content with this goal, this lovely lady has now also undertaken the task of making beautiful hats for sailors on her sister's ship. She has recruited friends to help her in both goals, and she has added a great sense of humor, not to mention dedication, to our little group of crafters.

Choosing a cause for Arizona, her home state, was of course a no-brainer. And so, "ninjasezzy", five hats with 5 pairs of socks will be coming your way.






baby blanket.

baby blanket.
Originally uploaded by craftyone77

I haven't posted this yet, and I keep meaning to post it here and send it to Afghans For Angels. I also have another blanket I wanted to send, but it's not pastel (it's more of a teal blue), but I'm going to send it as well.

For now, though, here's this one to add to both my personal total and to the blankets going to Afghans For Angels.

Also? Can someone give me the address to send this? I looked on their site, and they don't have a chapter here in Nebraska, and I'm not sure if we're sending them to one specific location or not. Let me know so I can get the blankets sent out!

It's August!

Hey folks,

Just checking in with a reminder that the Regional Summer Contest will be over in about a month -- Labor Day! Jezebel is back from her trip but I'm sure will need some time to recover, but once she is able to post an update we will see where we are!

We have a great square drive to work on for Robyn, a few more Afghans for Angels to make, and well...it's getting close to the cold part of the year (hard as that is to believe) when people need things the most.

Yay August! And Yay for all of you!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

twelve more squares to add to my list! woo-hoo! this square making thing for Warming Omaha has really upped my crochet quantity ... i'm doubting i'll win the "personal best" contest, but i'm sure busting through my stash, which is a big goal for me right now.