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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Crafting for Hokies

Here is my plan...a reminder, if you are already a member of Crafting for a Cause, you are NOT required to participate in this. This is just an idea, and anyone who wants to participate is certainly more than welcome.

Here is how I am envisioning this.

• For consistency's sake, I am recommending the following yarn:
Red Heart color 0378 Claret
Caron Simply Soft Brites Lemonade (it's kind of orangey, like the VT color)

• For the afghans we are making Warm Up America style, please make your squares 12 x 12, and keep sending them to . If you want to participate and don't know her address, please let her or me know. I am thinking 8 rows of 4 squares across (32), which would also be a nice sized afghan. 32, of course, memorializes the number of people whom the gunman killed, excluding himself. I think it would be okay to combine the 2 colors in on square if you want to. Knit or crochet is fine.

• If you want to make your own afghan using those colors or some other combo of maroon and yellow, that's cool. Just post a picture so we can track what's going on.

• For now, I am recommending that we send these afghans to Warm Up America. I looked for charities that the victims were associated with or that they might have known about...one volunteered with Camp Big Heart, but they don't seem to accept in-kind donations. If someone wants to contact them about this, their contact information can be found

• If we make enough squares to make one blanket...cool. If we make enough squares to make 15 blankets, that's fine too. I hope to be able to e-mail pictures of the finished afghan (s) to the President of VATech to let him know that these were made and donated in honor of the victims. The e-mail will come from the craftingforacause e-mail, not my personal e-mail.

• If you cannot craft but you want to participate in this, donations of yarn or small amounts of money for yarn or postage are needed. is across the pond but would like to participate if someone could help her get the yarn, etc. If you wish to contribute in this way, please let me know, either by responding here or posting at or craftingforacause.blogspot.com.

If you have any further questions, concerns, ideas, etc., PLEASE do not refrain from letting me know.

x-posted everywhere, and if you want to post about this project in other places, please feel free to do so.

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