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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ohio....Counting, here's 11 more

Hi all,

Hoping to get a few more things done; as there's still room in the box. Like it to be full when I send it off...thought it would be with this donation...not quite though.

All going to Caring House in Michigan, Battered Womens Shelter. 5 Hats (4 teen-1 baby), 4 pair of slippers (2 baby, 2 teen-adult), 1 poncho, 1 vest.

Now I don't want to scare ya...

Tomorrow night I'm going to be making a pretty sizable post on behalf of the much-maligned Team Ohio.

I'm not saying it will be the most huge amount of stuff EVAR, but ya know...it'll be somepin. Way to start June. Stuff like that.

Just thought you'd like to know.............. :)


Okay, well, I'm still going to make a big post tomorrow but I just realized that I don't know when a lot of this stuff was actually made, so only one of the items that I was thinking of will count for the Ohio team. Sorry, buckeyes :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

preemie hat contest update

hey all ... i'm still running that preemie hat contest over at my personal blog, Craft and Found. and because i know a lot of you have been busy whipping through blankets, i'm extending the contest another month, until july 1, so you all can participate. and remember, the winner gets a $50 amazon gift card!!!

head to this post for the details!

It's Go Time!

The Regional Summer Contest is on!

I look forward to the thrill of victory and agony of defeat (cue the ABC sports theme)!

Per Jorie's post, please tag all your entries and remember that Personal Achievement Items will only be counted if tagged, and that all your items are eligible whether part of a contest/drive or not as long as they go to charity!

Have a great day everyone and happy crafting!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Reminders from the Reminder Store

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having pleasant, introspective, extroverted holiday weekends. Here where I live, we've actually had three glorious weather days in a row, so everyone is in a little bit of shock. Hopefully the weather will continue in this mode and our shock will wear off :)

So, yes. Reminders and updates and what-not.

Regional Summer Contest starts tomorrow. Remember, any items you post can count towards the regional contest as well as the Personal Achievement Contest . Jezebel will count items in a fair fashion, so making 2,000 crocheted bookworms, while wonderful, won't necessarily earn your team 2,000 points :) If you want me to create tags for your respective teams, just let me know. In the meantime, tag your entries "regional summer contest" or some such.

Personal Achievement Contest continues until December, so make sure, if you are playing, that you tag your entries appropriately. You are competing for some glorious knitting (or crocheting) gift baskets.

Preemie hat contest run by Robyn is going till June 1, although I've asked if she could extend the deadline a bit. Send all preemie hats to her and you could win a $50 Amazon gift card!

Local HMPCWD Drive: I'm still collecting stuff for the local women's shelter in honor of my uncle for my dad's birthday. I did a lot of hand washing this weekend and am almost all caught up! I'll be accepting things probably up to June 10....let me know if/when you send stuff if it's already been washed and blocked, because at this point, if I don't have to wash it.......I won't :)

Afghans for Angels goal is going to be extended until July 1. Although you all did a marvelous job this month and our count is 14 afghans thus far (or 11 if Ninja says we absolutely should not count her three), 50 was a pretty ridiculous goal for me to set, in retrospect. So, we will have another whole month to get to that big 50. Then it will be too hot to even look at blankets :)

I would like to point out to everyone that we are already at 1,480 items or so, which is awesomely close to our halfway marker of 2,000 items. Now that is cause for joy during this somber holiday. Y'all rock. Let me just say it again!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teams and Tag Reminders!

Yup, I have done it. I decided to base the teams based on climate and region :) I have given each team a temporary name, so please feel free to vote and change! Also, recruit friends to join to help your team!

Remember: This contest runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Also, Tag your entries so that you items will be counted.

Happy knitting y'all! The teams are below:

Team New England:
ascelinne - Rhode Island
knittingforever - Rhode Island
sen_ich_rei - Mass.

Team North
snoopingmother - Mich.
zortified - Nor Cal
typo_13 - Canada
kindergoth - Korea/Colorado

Team Ohio

Team South

megaminokoton - Okla.
crazigriffen - Texas
eowyn_ulysses - Tenn.
ninjasezzy - Ariz.

PLEASE READ: The personal achievement contest started on May 1, 2008. So far only a few posts have been tagged. I know some of you did not want to participate, so please know that I will only count posts that have tags! I will continue to post reminders, but just know that if it is not tagged, then it is not counted!

Memorial Day

Hey all,

Although Memorial Day weekend is often a blissful long weekend away from work or school and a time for picnics and family reunions, it can also be a time for reflection.

I was thinking that perhaps we could put together an online knit-along of some sort Friday night or Saturday night... I have no idea how it would work or anything, but it might be a neat way to make people aware of the group and get ravelers to know bloggers to know ljers to know facebookers.

This would also be a great time to work on bags for Operation Bag O' Home, our sister project which involves sending bags stuffed with little needed items to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now the project has kind of slowed down, but I think between now and Labor Day would a great time to get it a shot of adrenaline.

What do you think?

Monday, May 19, 2008

four baby/preemie hats

four baby/preemie hats
Originally uploaded by craftyone77

these four are to start off my "personal" list for the contest. i know, a bit late, but better than nothing!

these will go to the local hospital in june, after the contest i'm running over at my personal blog (craftandfound.blogspot.com) is up. i haven't gotten as many preemie/baby hats as i thought i would, and with the prize being a $50 amazon gift card i thought there'd be more. ah, well. if any of you want to enter, there's still a few weeks (contest ends june 1)

that's 4 for me!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A crazy idea

So I just watched the season finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (hello, bawling), and I got this funny idea...wouldn't it be neat if all of the houses could have a homemade "welcome home" afghan for the families too? I mean, it's great that they have all the cool machines from Sears and blah blah blah, but I'm sure the kinds of families that this show features used to have a lot of homemade heirlooms that are now gone for whatever reason.

Do you all think it would be worthwhile to see if if we could donate homemade stuff? We wouldn't ask to be named or whatever...

I was thinking this could extend to any Habitat for Humanity chapter in general, as well...wherever new homes are going up. Let me know your thoughts.

Friday, May 16, 2008

More to Clount

Slippers and blue baby hat were added to personal care items and fleece items (fleece items weren't hand made), and sent out day before yesterday to a shelter for Battered Women in Michigan, Caring House though the group, Crafters in the Attic.

First pair of slippers I've made; adapted Bev's pattern and used 2 rectangles that were in my mish mosh pile.

Add 2

"regional" contest

Well, you all have created quite the crisis regarding this regional contest, wot with you all being from Ohio. Not that there's anything wrong with that... :)

Anyway, Jezebelsf is still trying to figure out the best way to do this, so we haven't forgotten about the contest, it's just uh...complicated.

We will have it figured out before the start date of Memorial Day. We hope :)

In the meantime, don't forget to tag your entries for the Personal Achievement Contest, and keep them afghans coming!

I think those are all of my public service announcements for today!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just curious...

I'm trying to find out how many folks in this group are on Ravelry and what you think of it, for reasons that will become clear....sometime soon...

Can you comment here or go over and post to the lj community (you can comment as anonymous) and let me know if you use Ravelry and if you like it?

Thanks bunches!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Items completed, boxed and ready to head to post office

Going back over notes and have found where to mail a few of my items. The blue and white baby ghan is heading to Marine Corps Kids, along with the 4 hats.

The 10 squares (6 inchers) are going to PatrioticAfghans. They'll be used for our soliders families once joined with others.

So this particular collection of crocheted items all have a military theme.
(so thats a count of 15)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


So, as you all recall, I'm sure, Afghans for Angels won the April contest, and therefore we as a group pledged 50 afghans in May for that group.

I thought you all would be pleased to know that right now our count is at 11, which means we are averaging approximately an afghan a day!!

Also, if you all want to be floored, I encourage you to check out our total count for the year. Maybe I should double our goal :)

Y'all rock. Lots.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hey all,

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for signing up for the "regional summer" contest. Right now we're not exactly sure if it's going to work out because most of the people that signed up are from the same place -- Ohio!

So, you non-Ohioans, sign up and fight for your region :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's May Day!

So it is May 1, which mean the celebration of May Day. Ahhh .... the memories of running around the Maypole with my pretty ribbon...

Alas, I am sure that most in this group are celebrating a fabulous April competition as well as the start of the Personal Achievement Contest! I look forward to tallying all your efforts over the next six months (I may need to create an excel spread sheet if you all are as proficient as I think you may be). Also, I am getting excited because two of my local, funky, fabulous yarn stores are about to have their stash buster sales, so I will be posting pics of prize yarn soon!!

A few reminders:

1. TAG your entries. I really need help with this because I will quite literally be tabulating everything everyone of you make from this site as well as the blogspot site. If you don't tag, then you run the risk of having your work not count toward your final tally.

2. Preemie sets will count as 1 item, blankets as five, and other items as one.

3. Please do not take advantage of # 2. For example, I am a baker. I have a particularly sinful cookie recipe that literally makes 100 cookies/batch. However, each cookie is small. Therefore, I would count 10-12 cookies as one item (depending on how many fit into the gift bag). I certainly would not bake 100 cookies and then expect to be counted for 100 items. Thus, Joriejc2 and I will step-in and adjust the numbers if we feel that someone is making mini-projects in order to inflate the total. If you have any concerns, please feel free to voice them :)

4. Remember that we have our Regional Summer Contest that will run from Memorial Day to Labor day. If you are crafting this summer, help out a team! So far, Ohio may need to be its own team. Is that state known for its crafting?? You may post here if you have not done so and I will "regionalize" you :) Deadline is May 4, 2008 or this Sunday for those without a calendar handy.

5. Lastly, items for these contests are not charity specific. i.e. craft for WUA, HMPCWD, Afghans for Angels, or a local charity of your choosing. As long as it is for charity, the items will count!

That's all for now .... I am off to play on excel in anticipation of incoming items!

And the winners are...

Everyone! This month was absolutely amazing and I am so proud of all of you!!! The cheering on of each other yet keeping a healthy competition going was awesome. I hope that can continue with the coming contests.

Of course, speaking of competition, there was a hard-fought crafting battle. Here are your final points:

Afghans for Angels: 85

WUA: 72

Caron: 66

Chemo Caps: 48


Afghans for Afghans: 12

Congratulations, Afghans for Angels team! You guys ended up making 17 blankets between two people, which is beyond incredible!!

So, as promised, we as a group will make a total of 50 blankets (which means 50 blankets, not 10 at 5 points each) for Afghans for Angels in May.

Doclegs and or Leftygirl, please advise us on where to send these, size specifications, etc.

And remember, with May Day comes our Personal Achievement Competition...starting...........

NOW!!! :)