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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Contest update!

Yep, it's that time again.

Team Godzilla: 213

Team Ohio: 192

Team Arizona: 93

Team New England: 30

It's just more and more amazing every week.

Unfortunately for you other teams, I'm cooking up something that will take Team New England to heights previously unexplored. But it's been a great run for ya! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Contest Updates!!

Here are the standings for this week!

Team Godzilla: 204

Team Ohio: 189

Team Arizona: 93

Team New England: 20

It's tightening up even more with just a bit more than a month to go!!! :) Great job, everybody!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1 WUA, 5 Hats

5 Hats and 1 WUA piece.

I've been busy working an additional job, which I love. I'm baking professionally, now, which means that I'm having fun making money, but it's an additional part-time job, so I'm working about 40-50 hours/week, which leaves little time for crafting.

I'll do my best to keep up and help Team Godzilla.

Happy Wednesday, all!

a few things to donate, finally!

finally, a few things to donate! the squares go to Ghana Project, and the sweaters and hat go to my new friend Sara and an auction she's having at the end of April. So that's seventeen items for team New England!

Updates, and our star of the month!

Hi there everyone,

Tomorrow is going to be busy busy so I thought I would update a day early!

First, the Summer Contest. Are you ready?

Team Godzilla is up by a hair: 180

Team Ohio (Underpants): 175

Team Arizona: 93

Team Chowdaheads: 3

Woo boy! We have about a month and a half left...it's going to be an exciting finish, I think!

And now on to our star of the month.


Snoopingmother (and her daughter Jen) joined us a little after we got into the spotlight a couple of years ago, and they both have plugged along, making some of the most beautiful items you could ever imagine. They are kind-hearted in every possible way, and if nothing else, you have to appreciate the fact that Snoopingmother got herself a Captain Underpants icon for the Summer contest :)

Congratulations Snoopingmother!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Regional Contest Update

I'm going to be doing a big move tomorrow so I thought I would post an update here in the calm before the storm. This regional contest is really quite amazing, and we're only a month into it! You should ALL be quite amazed at yourselves :) Here's where we are!

Team Godzilla: 160

Team Ohio: 142

Team Arizona: 93

Team New England: 3

Now, I don't want to alarm you other guys, but Team New England is going to get one heck of a boost over the next two weeks once my move is done. I am going to want to sit on my big round butt for a GOOD long time after all of this hubub. So be ready :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

More WUA Pieces

Here are 13 more pieces for Warm Up America. Does anybody know what to do with them? I have the main office info, but it seems that they'd rather the pieces get together with other pieces to make a blanket in a community. Is anybody involved in a WUA blanket-making group? If not, I'll try to find somebody to take them. I don't think I have enough to make a full blanket.
I could make strips, like WUA suggests, and then send them off.
I'm open to suggestions since this is my first attempt at making these pieces.
Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

straw hat time!

Okay, so, the straw hat is filled with the names of June entrants. And shakey shakey shakey...and.....the winner is: RebelFanJenny!!! RebelFanJenny has become an awesome addition over at our Ravelry group -- if you haven't checked out her work, do so now!

And now the contest update!

Team Godzilla is in the lead (for now!)

Team Godzilla: 121

Team Ohio: 100

Team Arizona: 93

Team New England: 1

Happy July, and in advance, I hope you US folks have a great Fourth!

2 for the total, 1 for team New England

Hey everyone,

I feel bad that I haven't posted here in forever, since I haven't been making many items for charity, since I had/have a zillion projects on the needles. But I decided I'd crank out a hat tonight.

From Craftiness

It's probably sized for a toddler, but I'm not around kids much, so that's just a guess. It's made from handspun merino, left over from another project (though there's a lot of it left.)

Also, as an experiment, a while ago I made a pair of baby socks. It was an experiment because I double-knitted them, with one inside the other, both of them on the needles at the same time. (See here for an excellent tutorial.)
From Craftiness

I'm not sure whether or not I'd do this again. It was a fun knit, but I don't think it actually saves time. It's more something fun to knit if you want to show off your Extreme Knitting Skillz TM. I probably should have taken pictures while it was in progress, but oh well.

The socks were done a while ago, so they can't count towards the summer contest. But the hat was done just this evening. Maybe now that I'm done with my master's and I'm unemployed, I'll be able to singlehandedly save team New England.

Not sure where to send them to; they're all made of wool, nothing is acrylic. Any suggestions?