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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Let's build this up!

Hey everybody,

I am still pretty new at this blogspot thing, but it does seem that one can search blogspot for blogs that might have similar interests.

I did a search for charity and happened upon a really really neat group called 25thingsforcharity(25thingsforcharity.blogspot.com). They have very similar rules as we do (as in like, none), but instead of counting as a community, their goal as individuals is to complete 25 items in a year.

I posted a comment to the mod over there letting her know that we are here now...I don't know how to help along the "friending" process over here, but y'all might want to check that group up and if you know how to post to other communities, perhaps let them know that their work could be double-counted if they joined us as well.

*off to look s'more*

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