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Monday, June 4, 2007


i am loving the conversation that is going on about the future name of this community. I think that I probably made a mistake before in recommending the whole contest and poll thing, because I'm not sure people felt as open to talk for fear of offending whomever came up with the various ideas.

Because I reverted the name here (or rather twotone did) and at myspace, we have time to choose a name that will be our identity from here to infinity. I really like the direction that a lot of you are going and I haven't seen a bad idea yet.

Keep in mind, the names need to be entirely available and as funfairiegirl and others pointed out, it should be something easy to remember and easy to type.

This conversation can carry on till the time comes to buy a domain, so keep the ideas flowing. Maybe out of this conversation we will also come to think up new goals and dreams for our group as well.

Mostly...I just want to make sure we keep doing what we do best, which is making stuff for people who need it. :)

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