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Sunday, June 3, 2007


I sat down to upload a BUNCH of pictures to our myspace page. Once again, the only person from whom I've heard that definitely does not want items posted to myspace is
"twotone". If you have changed your mind about that, please let me know. I didn't post EVERY FO from May, but there's a lot up now. Myspace changed the method on how to upload pictures and it is much easier now, so I don't really have any more excuses. I must keep it updated regularly :)

Also, Robyn, if you see this..."doclegs" is just about done with the child's blanket for Blankets for the Gulf and I have given her the address. If you send your big afghan to her (if you still want to do that) or if you two work something out, both blankets could be sent at the same time. Let us know 'sup :)


Lynn Shaffley said...

Wow, I just now found out about your blog. Funny that my group is called the same thing!! We started crafting for a Cause in July of 2005. We our a 501(C)3 non profit group. Our members our crafters from all over the country that craft for charity. You can find us on yahoo groups and also we have a web site craftingforacasue.org. Come check us out.
You might want to think about changing your name.

JorieJC2 said...

Hey there!

Yes, we actually are aware of your organization, but only became aware of it after we changed our name :)

We have plans to work on a website of our own and we will be changing our name (hopefully for good) at that point. No harm intended...just happened to cue in on the same name.

Are you the group that donates to the Native American reservation?

Lynn Shaffley said...

Hi Again,

Yes we do help the Pine Ridge reservation, as well as children with Cancer in Sacramento, and brain trauma patients in New Jersey.
I see that your group is donating to the soliders in Iraq, I think that is AWESOME!!
Maybe at some point we can work together for a cause. Your group is doing some wonderful things for charities. Good luck to you.
Lynn Shaffley
President Craftingforacause.org

JorieJC2 said...

That would definitely be wonderful. I have encountered your group often when going to other charity sites, so I'm very very glad you decided to stop in.

I am sure we could develop a drive to donate to Pine Ridge in cooperation with you, but it would probably help to wait until we've settled into our new and final name in order to avoid total and mass confusion.

Thanks again for stopping in! :)

Lynn Shaffley said...

Thanks for changing your name. Since we our already registered and a 501c3 it would be terribly confusing to people to have 2 different craftingforacause groups on the web.
I am sure you will be able to come up with a great name for your group.
Blessings..Lynn Shaffley

Saula Nelson said...

Hello, My name is Saula and I am the Co-Owner of the ORGINIAL and REGISTERED crafting For A cause, I see you have already heard from the Owner of the group and i do hope that we can get this Issue resolved Very quickly as it can cause many problems for both of our members that we surely do not want, Please remember to put a disclaimer on all of your other sites that you are not affliated with our group what so ever I have also contacted the other Providers letting them know that No websites can be established using our registered name,
Thank you for your understanding in this matter but we can't afford to have any type of misunderstandings with us Being registered and your Not, I'm sure you understand.

JorieJC2 said...


Again, we are aware that we need to change the name but we were going to wait to do so until we have an actual website up. Right now we just have our two blog communities and our myspace page. I will be happy to put up disclaimers in the interim.

We appreciate your patience with this matter.

robyn said...

um, "crafters for a cause" maybe???


robyn here. and i'm still putting squares together, as i was gone all weekend, but it's a pretty fast process, so if someone e-mails me where i'm supposed to send this puppy to, i can have it sent out by the end of the week.