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Saturday, June 16, 2007


OK - I promised a contest, so here it is!

Squares. That's right. They are small and easy so everyone can participate - ok all the knitters and crocheters. Warm Up America, Rebuilding Greensburg, or Hokie Blanket squares - all count. In addition, we have added WarmingFamilies.org to the charities to donate to in this contest. The person who knits, crochets, etc. the most squares and gets them posted starting today and ending July 15 wins.

The Prizes:
First Prize wins a $25 gift certificate to your choice of one of the following: Joann Fabrics, Michaels, The Loopy Ewe, Webs or Knit Picks. I will let the winner choose one (1) of these options.
ummmm....its just me frontin' this here thing so this is all I know right now. Maybe some yarn from my stash for more charity knitting, I don't know yet. (If you would like to donate a prize for this, lemme know. Thanks!)

Midway: On June 30 the person with the most posted squares will win a little something. Please don't ask me what, it will probably be yarn from my expansive stash, but it will be something! I promise.

I would like to encourage you all to post squares more than once during the next few weeks in order to encourage each other and compete and whatnot. It makes it more fun!

The Rules (cause, well, there have to be some, sorry, its how it has to be):
1. You have to post pics of these squares. I know we honor system on occassion, this time you have to post. Even if it is a link to your personal blog, we have to see them.
2. You MUST have a minimum of 15 squares to be considered. (Midway point must have a minimum of 5 squares for consideration).
3. All pics must be posted by 11:59 pm EST on July 16 to be counted.
4. Squares must be knit or crochet for one of the above mentioned groups.
5. Please use the tag Square Contest on all your posts for this
6. HAVE FUN!!!

These, of course, go toward our square drive count for the year! Thanks, have fun and happy crafting!

(if you are wondering, only Jorie knew the contents of this contest prior to this post and she and I will not be participating in the contest. We will try to come up with something else in the next few months to include non-knitters/crocheters, if you have ideas, please contact one of us if you have ideas. We are open to whatever, but I happen to be a knitter and I am running the square drive, so it goes first. )


Little Knittin' Kitten said...

I would really like to participate in this, but I'm Canadian and prefer to give my charity knitting to organizations in my own country (charity begins at home, right?). According to your rules, I wouldn't be eligable unless I ship my squares across the border, since those are all American charities. Would it be possible to broaden the charity group list so that people who don't live in the States can participate with their own local charities?

funfairiegirl said...

Little knittin' kitten -

I understand wanting to start at home. I am obviously more familiar with US Charities and this is our first contest. Is there a similar charity in Canada with squares for blankets and if so can you please send me a link? I will look at it and see if it can fit into the guidelines of the contest, however the prizes will remain the same since I am based in the US and these are US companies that I am personally buying a GC from. Although there are a couple Canadian shops I can probably buy GCs from online I think.

I am totally open to adding similar charities outside the US to this contest if anyone wants to send links for me to review. Just remember that this is our first contest and sometimes we can't accodomate everyone - for instance non-knitters/crochers are being left out of this one. I am working on something that everyone can do for a later contest and would really appreciate the help thinking of something. Seriously. Because I literally have fiber on the brain 24/7 :)

Little Knittin' Kitten said...

I'm glad you're open to input on this. One excellent charity to donate squares to is Warming Families (http://www.warmingfamilies.org/). I think they would be a particularly good addition to this contest, as it is international. It runs using Area Volunteers to collect and the squares, sew them up and then distribute the blankets to places that need them in the area.

Another option (although this may be for a future contest since it's a bit looser) is to have people donate directly to the places that need them instead of median organizations like those listed. They could donate the squares or small blankets to whichever their local animal shelter is, for example.

Don't worry about the fact that the GCs will be in US, since the recipient will likely be using them to shop online, anyway.

funfairiegirl said...

Actually if you want to donate your squares or completed blankets directly, that is fine too. We just have someone in the US putting the squares together for us and then sending them on. But I think I will probably be putting my own together and donating them to a shelter here in town that takes them. Pet blankets may be a future contest. We just happen to be doing a blanket/square drive that we hadn't mentioned in awhile because we have had so much going on otherwise. Thought it would be a good way to get back on that since now is the time to do squares so they are in blankets by the time they are needed.

i will read some info on this charity and then post an update if it will work. I am sure it will, but I will have to do it late Monday or Tuesday since I am up at 3 am and have a buttload to do on Monday.

ok, I stopped making sense like 4 hours ago...