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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

May Summary

May's finished objects: 336 EDIT: 381 Umm. Oops.
Total in 2007 so far: 717

I'm back. Mostly. Sort of. Way too busy right now, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon....

So the community totally passed the original May goal of 500 items:

The Hokie Square Drive got twelve squares (3+ 1 + 4 + 1+ 1+ 2) from cymbelline, jellybellygirl, doclegs, theonlyevidence, robin_andersen and Priscilla.

The American Cancer Society got four hats (2 + 2) from arian_diana.

The Dulaan Project got a hat from gwendysmile, a scarf and a pair of socks from death_by_yarnfour hats from nehnhaaa baby hat from dirtyplebeian four hats and a cardigan from omly, eight pairs of socks from jpettibone (one of which was made from yarn that Lisa from Poppy Flower Fibres donated) and 32 items from a drive at media_res's school.

afghans for Afghans got a baby blanket fromjoriejc2 and a baby blanket, baby sweater and six hats from annilita, four baby hats and a blanket from eowyn_ulysses and four baby hats fromjoriejc2 for their Mother's Day Project.

A local animal shelter got two blankets (1 +1) from arian_diana.

The LDS Church's Distribution Center for emergency relief packages got a vest, a cravat, two baby blankets and a baby sweater from annilita.

The Mary Read Memorial KAL received twelve scarves (1 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 5) from sen_ichi_rei, jellybellygirl, theonlyevidence,
xspicesgrl227x, snoopingmother and funfairiegirl

The Warm Up America square drive got 24 squares (1 + 2 + 16 + 5) from sen_ichi_rei and _fakewings_ and arian_diana and Priscilla.

A local Habitat for Hummanity auction got three hats, a shawl and a stuffed cupcake from eowyn_ulysses.

Project Linus got (1 + 2 ) from doclegs and lindsoriah.

The Public Interest Law Foundation at electra310's school got an oragami flower arrangement for a charity auction.

The Red Scarf Project had received a scarf from kat_denton

funfairiegirl made four loaves of bread (3 + 1) for her work's bake sale for alzhiemers research.

A local vet's office got five catnip mice from cacunai.

Head Huggers got three hats from snoopingmother and her daughter and a hat from funfairiegirl.

A local women's shelter got ten scarves from joriejc2 in memory of Mary Read.

The collection for Jillene got four squares from twotone.

A local hospital got a hat from ndjen04.

maribella_ella made four prayer shawls for families of organ donors.

Tails Humane Society got an afghan from straycat.

sweetcheri's Mother, Maxine, has donated the proceeds from eleven Angels of Hope.

The Lowell Wish Project got a baby blanket from _fakewings_.

Teen Stork Room got four pairs of baby booties and three baby hats from egothmaniac.

Children in Common got two pairs of socks from egothmaniac.

Rebuilding Greensburg got 16 squares (2 + 7 + 6+1) from kat_denton and snoopingmother and Priscilla.

snoopingmother's Church is getting eight rosaries for troops from elmdixon.

Between them, The Preemie Project, Newborns In Need and God's Tiny Angels have got 25 baby hats from Warm with Love.

Project Bag O' Sunshine already has eleven bags: (1 + 6 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1) by doclegs and treehugger06.

Ronald McDonald House got a baby blanket and six squares for a blanket from sabina_san.

The Mosaic Yarn Store square drive got five squares (3 + 2) from theonlyevidence and secretsunsp0ken.

The Sunggles Project got 47 blankets (1 +45 + 1) from twotone, quickstitch and friends and theonlyevidence.

A Million Thanks got 55 cards (3 + 52) from and funfairiegirl.

funfairiegirl made a wrist warmer to be auctioned for her works event for the Relay for Life event in Lynchburg VA.

Danbury Hospital NCIU will receive six preemie blankets from Priscilla's Crohect Guild.


bunny_pwns_you made a chemo cap.

Omly made Two preemie hats, and funfairiegirl one.

leftygirl02 gave a blanket.

funfairiegirl cut her hair for Locks of Love.


The community was featured in lj spotlight! As a result, we've had a lot of new members - welcome to everyone!

cacuni has very kindly to put together a central website for the community.

Someone bought the community a six month paid account. Many thanks to them for their generosity.

poppyflowerfibr wants donate roving or yarn for people to make charity items with. This has sparked some discussion on how to count that sort of thing - see here and here.

Priscilla invites people to join her community Summer of Squares

These are just the highlights of the other stuff that happened in May - lots and lots of other interesting posts were made. These can be seen here - it's a long list so I've linked to the cut at the livejournal community or this post will be even more enormous than it is!


January 2007 - 21
February 2007 - 33
March 2007 - 121
April 2007 - 161

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