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Saturday, June 16, 2007

project "overwhelm patty with scarves"

(jorieJC2 asked me to post about this here, to explain the scarves i send to my mom, so i'm reposting this blog entry from my blog to this group.)

so, as most of you know, i’m a big fan of knitting up fun fur scarves. my mom is, too. we make them for Alexian Brothers Medical Center, to be handed out to the women undergoing chemo for breast cancer. in an effort to overwhelm my mother (and the hospital) with the goodness of knitter’s hearts, i’m posting the basic pattern we use here, and asking people to knit some up and mail them out to her (address at the bottom of the page). i’ll also be collecting them at the Lime and Violet slumberparty this june (or whenever it’s rescheduled for)! Once a month or so i mail them out to her, so yours will go with that next package, warming and loving on someone in a rough spot.

what you need: two balls of fun fur (or comperable yarn); size 11-13 needles

cast on 15-22 (any less will make the scarf a little to thin, while any more will mean you’ll be knitting for-EVER.)

simply knit every row until you’ve used up the two balls of yarn. the more stitches you cast on, the shorter the scarf will be, but that really doesn’t matter a whole lot because women are all sizes!

and that’s all it is folks! a super simple way to love on others! feel free to shoot me pics of your scarves as/after they’re made, and i’ll add them here for everyone else to see (i may or may not take pics of the ones that don’t already have pics, so if you want to show yours off, best to just take the pic yourself).


patty corwin, 731 n. douglas ave, arlington heights, il 60004 USA


JorieJC2 said...

Thank you very much for posting that! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there... I'm over here via the LJ comm 3000in2007. Do the scarves have to be fun fur? I can't crochet with that stuff to save my life. I tend towards chenile and other novelty yarns. On the flip side, I can do a scarf in a couple of hours with some of the thicker chaniles. :)


doclegs said...

Very cool! I know exactly where you live too (my in-laws live in that area). :)

I can't do fun fur to save my life, but I'm a whiz at scarves. Can they be some other type of funky yarn?

Anonymous said...

hey all. yeah, the scarves can be any kind of yarn! we tend to use the fun fur most often because it always seems to be on sale, and because i really just like to do garter stitch whenever possible (laziness). but any yarn works well. as long as you can stick to keeping it between 5 and 7 inches wide, and longer is better than shorter! glad to see there's some interest in this!

Anonymous said...

one other thing i forgot to mention. if you send her any scarves, can you shoot me a picture of them to "robyn.charlesATgmailDOTcom"? i've got a gallery in the works over at the warm with love charity archive, and i'd love to add them to it!

JorieJC2 said...

Yay! I'm glad to see there is interest as well :)

Keep us posted!

doclegs said...

I have one to send to you... I'll be posting the pic over at LJ and send it to you in the mail in a couple of days.