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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mod for a month

So, I have been thinking...a lot of our goals so far have been established by jpettibone, funfairiegirl or myself. And I have to say, especially recently, those goals, all of them, have been smashed. Without mercy. Whether it's monthly goals, the square contest...doclegs put out a call for I think 30 VA bags originally and that goal also was smashed.

Therefore, in order to shake things up, get some new perspective, and spread some wealth, I'd like to initiate a program here called (you guessed it) mod for a month. Major points:

• In order to be fair, the winner will simply be the first comment that shows up on this post, either here in lj or at blogspot. No voting or anything that would risk hard feelings. Just first come, first win!

• Mainly what I am thinking is that the monthly mod will come up with the monthly goal and organize/pimpinate any projects that he/she would like us to concentrate on. The monthly mod will also ideally carry the torch of spreading the word about this group to other organizations who might be interested or who might be able to use us as a resource

• I will be happy to continue to tally and assist with maintenance type issues, though if you really WANT to do that (and I don't know why you would, really ;)) you can

I'm posting this at the same time to both blogs (2 browser windows open) so everything is totally fair.

Party on!

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