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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Purple and Pink. It's time to protect women, I think.

snoopingmother raised the idea of sending baby things (blankets, clothes, etc) to a battered women's shelter located in Flint, Michigan. Many of these women have gone through abuse while pregnant or while with children in their lives.

My only concern is that we don't want survivors to feel guilty or queasy or weird...I worry that if we send them something "dedicated to lacey peterson" they might get the wrong idea, and what we want to do is uplift them.

I have been rolling this around in my head and talked to snoopingmother a bit, and what I was thinking was that maybe we could have kind of a backburner project (yet to be named) where we donate primarily purple and pink items to women's shelters (battered, homeless, or both) in our own local areas. The purple and pink could signify the desire to protect women and children, who really seem to be under assault all over the world. Perhaps someone could think of a name and a tag that could be attached to these items.

This is a rough draft of an idea, but let me know what you think, yays or nays.

ETA, I neglected to mention that Priscilla thought of the purple and pink theme...the bows that have been hung in honor of Jessie Davis and her unborn daughter have been in those colors.

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