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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

So it must be June 29th, right?

You know, I must confess that making this post is one of the happier things I have gotten to do in awhile.

Back at the end of April, I posted that we should try to have 750 items done by the end of June. I took a big breath when I posted that goal. Reaching 750 would mean we were at 25% of our 2007 goal. It would mean a lot of work over 2 months that tend to be really busy for people. And it would just be way cool. But I posted the goal anyway, figuring even if we got close, we'd still be doing awesome.

Well, it's June 6th today.

And I have just tallied our 753rd item.

You are all awesome beyond my wildest dreams. Truly.

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