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Saturday, June 30, 2007

A dozen and 2

Or a baker's dozen and 1. However you count it it's 14 squares for Warming Families. Check 'em out!

They're crocheted with Bernat Berella 4 on a 5.5mm hook. I based them on the Monochromatic Granny Blanket from the Happy Hooker, only I extended them out to 5 rounds instead of the 3 in the pattern. I also added a border of hdc to make 6 rounds or about 7" square. Since the Warming Familie's volunteer collector only collects 8" squares I'll make them into blankets before donating them. I'm just going to keep making them until the end of July and see how many blankets I can get out of it.


doclegs said...

Those are GREAT colors!

Nehnhaa said...

Looking forward to seeing the blankets too :)