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Monday, June 25, 2007

Square contest, amongst other things

I've been keeping myself busy, and productive! I was surprised when I realized that I haven't posted since the 5th. So here we go.

I have my box for the Dulaan Project ready to go. I am dropping it off today. This is what is in the box...

...and then there were 12

They are blogged here, here and here. I was so happy to accomplish 12 by my self imposed shipping date.

I have also been knitting squares. I finished 3 last week, and another 3 last night. I also finished one this morning and cast on for another right away. I will have the opportunity to do a lot of knitting in the car this weekend, and I think I will pretty much dedicate it to squares.

So, officially, I declare 6 squares done for the contest, as these are the ones I have posted.

Come check out the blog for other stuff I'm working on.



JorieJC2 said...

Those are GREAT hats...and I love the way you set them up for photography :)

Squares are awesome as well. Great job!

Venka said...

Thank you!!!An empty CD rack seemed like a great place to showcase the hats. It's gone off to storage for the time being, so I will have to come up with some other creative staging.

As to the squares, thank you for that too. I feel pretty confidant that I will get 20 done, but I'm aiming for 40!! Keep your fingers crossed.

doclegs said...

I LOVE the way that you've got those hats up there, that's awesome! And very well-made too. :)

40 for the contest? That's some heavy-duty competition!

risk2much said...

I also love the way you set them up- that gave me an idea how to do mine. Great hats!

Anonymous said...


JorieJC2 said...

Man, first she outdoes me on the hats, then on the creative way to photograph them. What ARE we to do with this woman? :D