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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update: New initiatives

Two very new initiatives are underway here in the community.

A lot of you have seen commercials for A Million Thanks, a charity that is collecting thank you cards for the troops. Some of our members have started making cards to donate to A Million Thanks. As long as you make the cards yourself, these will count as donations to charity. You will not have to share any messages, just take a photo of the cards so we can see what creative ideas you came up with :)

Along those lines, I have added a link to A Million Thanks to our profile and to our myspace page.

( I also e-mailed the founder of A Million Thanks ) (this is an lj-cut over at the lj community, where I copied the text of the e-mail)

Some of our members are also working on knitting squares for
Greensburg Kansas...the small Kansas town totally devasated by that horrible tornado a couple of weeks ago.

Again, this charity has been linked to the lj profile and to our myspace site.

This is what happens when I am home from work with a cold. I end up working anyway. Oh well :)

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