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Monday, May 14, 2007

This and that

Just in case you were wondering...

We now only need 96 more items by the end of May to reach the goal funfairiegirl set of 500. This is like, so a cakewalk now :)

Also, more good news.

There is a musician I very much like named Joe Arthur, and awhile back he helped found a project called A River Blue (you can learn more about it at http://www.ariverblue.org). Basically, the group tries to give children in Northern Uganda a chance to heal and a chance to express themselves through painting and music. These kids go through unspeakable things, as you might imagine.

I e-mailed the group and asked if we could contribute something, and having just thought of the satchel idea for VA hospitals, I suggested it might be cool to donate hand-made bags so that the kids could carry around their art supplies in something colorful. Maybe we could even fill the bags with some fun stuff.

I heard back just now, and the person I contacted was very excited about the idea. She is going to be contacting someone else to see if they can figure out exactly what we could send along, and where, and all that kind of stuff. But that is brewing.

Hope everyone's week is getting off to a good start, and for those of you who have joined today? Welcome! :)

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