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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

co-maintainer heaven & more!

Hey everybody,

I want to announce that I finally figured out how to establish "co-maintainers" on livejournal, so I have knighted . For now, she will be adding the online-member names to our profile and will be answering quesetions folks have, as she does already. If things get much busier, she might also help me tally, if we can figure out how that would work :)

Additionally, I'd like to set out an artistic request for those of you of that ilk. A while back, we talked about having a tag for our charity that we could put with our FO shipments. Something real simple with the name of the charity, our blogspot blog, etc.

Is anyone willing to a) create something like this, b) post a PDF of it so all people would have to do is print out when needed?

Let me know. There may be an incentive later, but our last contest got kind of hairy, so I's skeered now :)

That's it for now!

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