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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May in the fairie house

Well, May has been a very busy month for me. Here is what I got finished up:

4 loaves of bread donated to the Memory Walk (3 of these were posted about earlier, but I donated the one I took for the work breakfast because we had so much food!) I have a pic on my phone, but ugh.

Next we have 52 thank you cards for the Million Thank Yous project. For these I bought a packet of note cards, then I did a combination of hand writing and scrapbook lettering on them. Some of them additionally have small thank you placards/stickers which I placed on them. They all say different things as I was trying to make use of the letters I picked up.
Here we have the lace edge hat from headhuggers.org and a wrist warmer to be raffled off by my company sponsored team at the Relay for Life event in Lynchburg VA and a preemie jester hat slightly modified. The hat calls for pom poms, but I did little icord pig tails instead. all of these are out of Debbie Bliss merino DK.
And here are 5 more eyelash scarves for the Mary Read Memorial KAL. These went out last Wednesday so she should have them by now for the mass drop off. Yes, there are 5 - there is a black on in there. I have a half done WUA square for the drive, but I have been knitting some gifts and stuff for me so I haven't finished it. selfish, I know.


JorieJC2 said...

Ohhhhhh there it is!!!!! :):):):):):)

So I should tally 60 cuz I think i tallied all 4 loaves of bread before, jes?

doclegs said...


That is so amazing.... way to go!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone call you selfish? You are amazing!