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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Today I have a lot to say...

OK - so I am out emailing like mad to different people to get this community more exposure. I think we have a GREAT thing going here. I am not asking for yarn donations, I am not asking for anything other than for people to take a look at us, what we are about and how great this community is and then to pass that information on.

If there is a podcast you listen to that you love and would like me to email (I have a list already that I am slowly working through), a yarn shop, whatever, let me know. I have no problem sending them out. If there is a charity we don't have listed on the charity list, let us know and we will add it. This is not an all inclusive list, we put things up as we go.

I would also like to welcome a lot of new members to our group. And a lot of new FOs. Holy moly when I said 500 by the end of the month I thought you guys would lynch me, but we are getting there REALLY fast. I think we are going to hit that and then blow the 750 in June out of the water. I am planning to go back and look at our month end posts to look at what our goals were and how much we actually did and take a look at our exponential growth. The thing that worries me is that right now we are new and we have a lot going on...but what happens in 6 months when the excitement falls away? I hope that never happens, but it could.

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