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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blanket Request

Hello everyone,

Blankets for the Gulf has forwarded a request to us. A woman wrote in saying that she would very much like to have a blanket for her young autistic son. She would also like a blanket for herself but placed her son as the priority.

Please let me know if you have anything finished or in progress. If not, I will start something this weekend.



robyn said...

hey! i have a bunch of squares i was set to crochet together into a blanket, so i can get started on that tomorrow! it's probably going to end up huge, too, so it can be for either the son or the mom. it's got lots of warm earth tones in it.

shoot me an e-mail so i know where to send it when i'm done!

JorieJC2 said...

Awesome. You might want to coordinate with "doclegs" because she is set to work on a smaller blanket just for the son. I think it would be great to send both together so that Heather can then send it on in a package.

Perhaps you could ship your blanket to doclegs or visey versa and then the other could ship it to the address?

Let me know what is decided and I'll e-mail you or both of you the contact info.

Thanks!! :)

doclegs said...

I've got the blanket for the son about 1/3 done (just started this weekend). It's a bright green, blue and red with large stripes. But I won't have it done for at least 2 weeks because of scheduling stuff.

How fast can you be done robyn?