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Thursday, May 17, 2007

More email goodness!!

I sent an email off to the hosts of Ready Set Knit, which is a podcast run by Steve and Kathy Elkins of Webs.

What I asked for was to direct people to the community since they do a lot of charity work through yarn donations and they are doing some things for the Yarn Harlot's upcoming visit.

This is what I got back...

Hi Aimee, I'll pass this one on to Kathy because she is the "content queen" for the podcast, but I think we can fit something in there. We've already done a couple of PSAs for our radio station (they aren't heard on the podcast) regarding charity knitting and we're doing a whole charity knitting drive for the Yarn Harlot appearance here in a couple of weeks, so certainly that would be something we could spend some time on.

Just a quick piece of information for you because I think the yarn would be perfect for the charity knitters out there, particularly those doing chemo caps, afghans, etc is that we just bought a closeout of an acrylic yarn (don't say yuk before you feel it) that is 100 grams and 240 yards for only $2.29, so people could knit a lot of stuff for charity for not a lot of money. Here's the link to the yarn. There are tons of colors. Here is the link to the information on our website about Leader.

Hope that helps and we'll be back to you at some point once we get through the next two crazy weeks.


Steve Elkins

What is exciting is the GREAT price on the yarn he mentions which is washable and great for charity projects. They mentioned it on the last episode as well. If you don't listen to this podcast, I really like it...why? well, because I like to hear about all the yarn and they have GREAT interviews.

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