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Monday, February 23, 2009

Waving hello

Not caught up, but skimming through things to at least start the process. Just got back in town last night, so got the laundry going and trying to get things put away.

Managed to get a few things done during my travels. 3 pairs of booties and a little pink hat. These will all top off the box going to Caring House, a Womans Shelter in Michigan.


need a distraction for a few minutes...I started a little travel blog , no packing required.
also forgot, I'm trying to find Sarah from Hawaii...is she in this group? Wanted to thank her for the scarfs for The Bridge Project. We're making wonderful headway with this project, please swing over to check it out.


Margie the Ladybug said...

Welcome back!

I LOVE those booties! So cute :)

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

I just wanted to say Hi! I found your blog through ignitetowrite so wanted to say hello I was here. I knit too so I'll have to drop back and see what else you've been knitting.

Mary Lewis said...

I love those booties.... those are wonderful!