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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Help please

I'm wanting to Thank Joanne from CA and Sarah from Hawaii for their donations to The Bridge Project, but have been unable to determine who they are here on the net. Anyone know?

Reminder please folks when you send a donation please include your net name/screen name etc. So many folks don't use their real names on their blogs, in groups etc, it's hard to know whoo people are when an item is received and only has a real name.

I've been behind getting donations updated due to a family emergency. My apologies, I'll chip away at it over on the Bridge Blog. Mom had emergency surgery and is in ICU; it's a day at a time.


1 comment:

Margie the Ladybug said...

Hi Sandy,

They may not be a part of this group -- I don't know any folks by that name. Sometimes folks like to give anonymously when they happen upon our group. We had someone out of country who was donating squares last year. Don't worry about it -- just thank them and they will see it I'm sure :)