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Friday, February 13, 2009

A PSA! Oh noes!

Hi everyone!

Couple of messages I want to get out on this glorious Friday.

First, I want to make something very very clear. Our striving to reach number goals, our contests, and all of that jazz is just to build the community a bit and have some fun. As times get tougher, our abilities to afford supplies or postage may take a far backseat priority wise to things like, I don't know...food? I want Homespun Helpers to be 2 things. I want it to be a charitable organization but I also want it to be fun for everyone. If you find that you start feeling pressured to make things rather than just crafting because you want to, please stop everything and go do anything else other than crafting. Goals are not do or die around here, and if our group makes 500 items instead of 4,000, well, that's still pretty darned freakin' awesome. I just hope that even if you aren't feeling like crafting a lot, you still hang around to post about fun things :)

Also wanted to alert you all that I'm going to be mostly away from computer technology for the next couple of days. If you want to e-mail me if you post so I can make sure I don't miss you -- well, I won't complain :)

Thanks, and happy V-day to all who celebrate it!

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