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Sunday, August 12, 2007

ohhh the temptation

So my mom and I did our craft circuit today, and holy smokes was there some nice yarn at Jo-Anns...on SALE! :o I stood in the aisle for what had to be about 20 minutes, tormented by what to buy and how much. They had some chenille on sale, some sophisticates wool...ugh. I was troubled in part because I couldn't decide if I should buy enough of everything to make whole sets or buy more variety and just make one-offs out of it. These are the kinds of troubles that meet me when I go shopping :)

Id like to suggest that the "how many people can we dress" thing just become kind of an ongoing goal, much like the squares...what do you think? I think August is going to be hectic for a lot of folks and i don't want the idea to go kerflooey, nor do I necessarily what the concept to last just a month :)

Additionally, for lj folks...I am seeing that a lot of people that voted in our poll wanted to change the name, but our dear leftygirl brought up a good point. For the remainder of 2007, anyway, the "3000 in 2007" thing is very relevant. So as a compromise based on her statement, I'd like to propose that on August 15, we just change the community NAME here to "homespun helpers." In 2008 we can do the whole user ID change. I hope that will meet everyone's approval.

I think that's all of my odds and ends for today. That's enough, isn't it?!?

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