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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hey all my lovely co-charitable-crafters!

I wanted to see if I could clarify the vision of the "how many people can we dress" thang...though this is certainly a democracy and if there are any thoughts that is totally cool.

The jist is that much like the Bags O'Sunshine was a separate project in which people could participate or not, the "How Many People Can We Dress" is also something separate. Now I think there is a little bit of confusion because one of the places this project will donate to is Warm Up Winchester, but the idea is to use the generous JezebelSF as the hub. She will organize hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, etc into outfits, which will then be sent to various city shelters around the nation. Whereas one-offs can certainly be sent, the idea of this particular goal is to be able to send actual outfit components out together.

As per Jezebel's most recent post, this project can also overlap with some holiday ideas...the hat part of the outfits can be used as a "bag" that could hold soaps or candies or granola bars or whatever, tying into a comment someone had made on my holiday post (I'm sorry, I can't remember who that was right now :( ) Check out jezebel's most recent post to learn more about that.

Of course, as usual, it is not a must that you send things for this project, but if you are sending your stuff direct to another charity, that *technically* is something different than what had originally been in my peanut head.

Is this making any sense yet? Should the description be revised slightly? Let jezebelsf and/or me know.

Thanks everybody!


Allie said...

What is the timescale for sending items to Jezebel? I know originaly that it was end August but has that been extended. I would love to send a few items but August has been very busy.

JorieJC2 said...

This is just going to be an ongoing thing. I think in order to do anything for the holidays it would be good to have items to her by 11/1, but as of now there are no hard dates :)