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Friday, August 31, 2007

August FO's

Ok y'all .... try not to faint, but I have FO's ... yup ... my first ever!!

13 squares for WUA (lucky 13)
10 made by me
3 made by memama

2 Scarves for HMPCWD
maroon wool made by me
scarf with fringe made by memama

I am taking a hat class in September at my local knit shop and I hope also to learn how to make mittens :)

Many thanks to those who have sent items. I am going to wait a few more days, and then I will post pics of items I have received so far.


JorieJC2 said...

Yayyy :)

Priscilla said...

I really like the colors you used for your afghan squares. The pastel colors are especially soft and pretty!

Venka said...

Congrats on the great finish!