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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


One interesting thing about watching both Democrat and Republican debates is that you can see actual faces of American citizens that represent all of these kind of nebulous "issues" we talk about. Tonight's debates featured questions from a man who was laid off by a company that later claimed bankruptcy, so he has no pension and no healthcare. There was an Iraqi veteran who came home to find that his job had been moved to Mexico. There was talk of poor VA assistance and many other issues.

I have to say, seeing these comments from people who could easily be me or people I know is really spurring me on these days. It is heartbreaking, in a way, because I know we can't help every single person who needs it...but having a face or a name to go with issues like "homelessness" or "no healthcare coverage" drives home the idea, to me, that the things we are making, the time we are spending...these are all going to THOSE real, very much in need people. And that is pretty darned amazing.

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