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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Intro and Further Instructions

Greetings amazing crafters!

Believe it or not, I have been a member of this community for some time now but have yet to post. Initially, I joined to support my 'online' friends jpettibone and joriejc2. However, I was inspired to put down my needlepoint and start knitting again (something I had not done for many, many moons). I do have some completed scarves and several squares, but I have been remiss in photographing and posting. I have also been busy recruiting some offline people to donate to the community -- details will follow once I have procured said items.

I am so excited about this month's project! I will be acting as the "craft depot" for all items made. Essentially, I will sort items into sets and then sort them further based on destination. I live in San Francisco and can easily drop-off appropriate items to Afghans for Afghans as well as a local battered woman's and children's shelter which is always in desperate need of items. We have already found a spot in Chicago and will be looking for appropriate recipients in Atlanta and Boston. The idea is to cover all the regions in the U.S. I will update through out the month the total of specific items and make a call for any needed items. Please label your donated crafts with appropriate yarn specifications as some charities are quite specific about what they will and won't take.

Aside from the obvious clothing items, I think it would be wonderful to include jewelry. Something shiny and pretty is always a boost to the spirit, and that is exactly what so many people need :)

The address for shipping and my email:

"Jezebel's Craft Depot"
133 Alpine Terrace
SF, CA 94117


Thanks in advance for all the great work that I know y'all will be doing. I look forward to updating you all soon!


1 comment:

risk2much said...

Hi,I like the idea of including jewelry in this project.