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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

1 or 3 other things

I created a tag for the dressing people challenge (for livejournal). It's 0001How many people can we dress, I do believe.

I have a couple of other goals for August as well.

#1: Website! Cacunai, can you let us know what is going on when you get the chance? If we can't get the site up, I'd still like to officially change our name so we can tag those outfits we will be sending out.

#2: I'd like to see our membership get up to 300 this month. This should not be very hard, I don't think. Heck, if all of us got one person to join we'd be up to around 500. Post around to different groups you are in, spread the word, whatever. We count membership between both of our blog communities, so we are probably pretty close to reaching this goal anyway.

And now I be quiet :)

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