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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

checking in

hey all. i haven't been doing much knitting/crocheting lately, because we've been busy with some home improvements and i've been busy with some new writing ventures, but i wanted to check in anyways. i'm starting to slowly get back into the groove, finishing up a pair of socks that were supposed to be a mother's day present!

wanted to also see if anyone who's sent scarves to my mom for the "overwhelm patty with scarves" thing could e-mail me at robyn.charles@gmail.com and let me know how many scarves they sent to her. i want to ask her if she's recieved any, but as she didn't know about the whole thing i'd hate to ask her and no ones' sent them out yet! so please let me know so i know how many she should be expecting. and that project of mine is an ongoing thing, so if you're thinking of doing it, fully feel free! we make the scarves all year round!

that's about it. i'm hoping to get back to knitting like a mad-thing soon enough. until then .. keep on knitting like mad for me!


JorieJC2 said...

Well hey there!

I'll e-mail you, but I just mailed out 5 scarves yesterday. I hope they're okay...somehow my red scarf bled a little on my white one...grr.

doclegs said...

I know I sent out one a month or so ago, and I'm working on one now (but it's not quite done)