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Sunday, September 30, 2007

September FOs

I haven't accomplished much this month, but I did finish a scarf and a pair of mittens for Warm Up Winchester:
I used a Cleckheaton wool for the scarf and Plymouth Encore for the mittens.

I am also happy to report that I had set myself a personal goal of making 100 items for charity this year, and these two items bring me to 93 completed items. Since it is only September, I think I have a good shot at meeting or exceeding my goal for the year. I do want to say thank you to this community, because your enthusiasm and the beautiful items you all are creating have really spurred me on to meet what originally seemed like an impossible goal. I feel very fortunate to have found you and to be a part of this community.

1 comment:

JorieJC2 said...

Your work is always so beautiful. I like those 2 colors together too, just as a side note :)