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Sunday, September 30, 2007

robyn's september tally

september's been a busier month for me, with more knitting and crocheting getting done now that the heat's broken a bit.

first up was this preemie hat, booties and mitts set i made. i'm in contact with someone at one of our area NICU's, so i'm going to be making tons of these sets for the itsies.

next i made these four knitted squares for the ghana project. she wants the ends to be left un-woven in, which is so perfect for me!

then i finally finished up the second sock in this pair for the monkey's mom. (she loves them, btw)

i found what has quickly become my new favorite granny square pattern and busted through these six squares, also for the ghana project.

then i found some more "scrap yarn" i had and made these four squares. i've got another one all but done, so i'll count that one in, too, for five grey/black squares.

sensing i might have gotten a little addicted to granny squares, i made a scarf to send to my mom for the breast cancer center.

and finally, i got this adorable set of booties, mitts and a hat made up for the NICU.

so that's .... 23 items (booties and mitts count one item per pair) made this month!! much better than last month!


JorieJC2 said...

Wow, you did get busy! And it's all so beautiful!

Did your mom get the scarves that I sent awhile back, do you know?

doclegs said...

Those are SO gorgeous. That scarf rocks. :)