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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hello fellow helpers

Hey all,

It's gotten quiet again, so just thought I'd post and see what y'all are up to. I finished my first ever cardigan, and apart from the fact that the gauge is so wrong it's not even funny even though I used a crochet hook 3 sizes larger than what the pattern called for, it's great! I think I used a yarn that was too heavy, so the pattern didn't stay light and airy. At least that's my story.

I also want to tell you all about a story I saw on the NBC Nightly News last night. Perhaps you saw it too. Anyway, it was about a group called Voices of September 11th, and the things these folks are doing are just beautiful. If you go to http://www.voicesofsept11.org you will see what I am talking about, but basically this website is collecting stories and biographies and items of/from people who died on 9/11, and they are also trying to help the families and survivors.

I e-mailed the founder this morning to see if we could help. The site has an online store and I thought perhaps we could donate red, white, and blue afghans or something like that that she could sell to help support her work. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the Fall...here where I live, the weather quite suddenly became cool and crisp!

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