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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Have I told you all lately that I love you?

Cuz I do!!!

We are real close to that 2700 mark, which means if we do just a bit over 100 items in each month for the rest of the year, we will reach the 2007 goal of 3,000 items!!! So incredibly amazing!!!!! :):):):):):):)

I'm going to try to be brief in this post for once, but as we look to October, there are two basic projects going on that we can all work together to help with (in addition to whatever you want to do on your own, of course).

Project #1:

How many people can we dress?

I know that Jezebelsf has already gotten some stunning sets for this. I mean, heck, she got stuff from me! ;) No, I keed, I keed. Anyway, I think this project is going pretty well. Remember that Jezebel will be collecting items for our first run until November 15, and right now she is running a bit short on gloves/mittens, though any contribution is great! She will be shipping things to Afghans for Afghans and homeless shelters in a few cities around the nation, so everyone should receive that first batch in time for the holidays.

Project #2:

Winter run for the Bags O'Sunshine

Doclegs is asking for Bags O'Sunshine, the sequel. In addition to bags, she is hoping to donate hats & scarves to keep our veteran friends warm. Mostly male type colors for those fellas if you can.

Please send all stuff to her at:

PO Box 20142
Columbus, OH 43220-0142

Supplemental is Treehuggers Bag O' Sunshine Sweets, mini bags that will hold some candy kisses or what have you. Send these along to both Jezebel and doclegs as they can be woven into both of these projects. (Ugottafriend, this would be a great beginner sewing project for you...we just need 3x3 bags!)

I also believe we had a volunteer who would work on collecting non-crafted items for the "how many people can we dress" project...perhaps she could send stuff to doclegs too? Work amongst each other :)

So, I don't think I'm going to set any more numerical goals...we are shooting for 3000 at this point, at the end game is midnight on New Years Eve. I'd like to think i won't be sitting in front of my computer tallying on NYE, but ya never know :)

Thank you, everybody, for a great month and a beyond-expectations year. You are all beyond awesome.

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