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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another cool charity that takes squares, and my knitting life

Hey everyone!

So I'm not in the Boston area, and decided to get myself on the SnB Boston listserv in the hopes of finding local knitters and knitting circles.

Anyways, there's a knit a thon which was advertised on the listserv, which I'd like to share with you guys:


They are collecting 9 x 9 squares to put together in big blankets, and will be doing the assembly during the knit-a-thon on Sunday Nov. 4th.

Although they're encouraging people to come to the event itself, they are also collecting squares sent through the mail. And they also want people to collect pledges per square knitted, (info can be found here) but I think they will also accept squares w/o the pledges, since they also want to make as many blankets as possible.

And if you're in the area, a yarn store in Brookline called A Good Yarn (http://www.agoodyarn.biz/) is donating yarn for the squares.

In my own life, right now in the Jewish year we are in a 10-day period called the Days of Awe/Days of Repentance/Yamim Noraim. It's a time where Jews are supposed to repent and stuff, in the hopes that whatever horrible decree that has been given to us by God should be reversed by us showing we are changing our ways...

I'm going to save the theological debate about the 10 days and their implications for my own blog. (There are so many aspects that can be debated. And this is what Divinity students like me do...) So on to the relevant part.

Most of the time people celebrating these days try to pray more, observe more commandments, or apologize to all the people who they've wronged during the year and beg for forgiveness. Etc. Though among the 5 things listed that we can do to save ourselves is charity.

I've decided that for myself, I'd like to make as many knitted items as I can for charity during this time period. Though already I've been limited to only 6 days in this period of actual knitting, since the first 3 and the last are all holidays on which I cannot knit.

So hopefully this will pan out into me doing something good. We'll see what actually happens, especially once I start classes tomorrow...

1 comment:

JorieJC2 said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you have come up with! :)

Happy New Year, btw :)