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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Winners!!

I have been slammed with work and holiday craziness, but I did not want 2008 to pass without announcing the winner of the Personal Achievement Contest!!

The totals are as follows:
sen_ici_rei - 6
typo_13 - 12
Priscilla - 17
spitgirl - 19
knittingforever - 41
megamintinkon - 43
Risk2Much - 45
soapfaerie - 84
doclegs - 116
asceline - 130
zortified (third place) - 147
sandy (second place) - 155
robyn (first place) - 168

Thanks everyone for participating!!! I would like the winners to send me their mailing addresses to jezebelsf@yahoo.com. I will post the prizes before they are sent :) 

Happy New Year!!!!


Sandy said...

Hope things calm down for you at work with the start of the New Year.

Thanks for keeping track of all these numbers, and congrats to everyone; now if I can get someone to tie up Robyn so she can't make things quite soooooooo fast....hum, working on a plan. LOL Teasing of course.


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