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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Drives for 2009

Hi Everyone,

I've gotten a lot of good suggestions for drives we can concentrate on in 2009. Again, these drives are just things we'll be highlighting each month, but once the address is posted you can make stuff for the causes at any time -- or not. Again, this is all just to try to keep information more easily accessible and to help our group become a little more organized and a little easier to follow.

So here we go. Let me know what you think, and if it looks okay, I'll start filling out the content/getting contact info.

December 2008: The Bridge Project (Sandy)

January 2009: Squares for Warm Up America -- I figure after the rush of the holidays, squares will be a nice way to start the year!

February 2009: Warming Omaha (Robyn)

March: Afghans for Angels

April: Afghans for Afghans

May: Warm Up Winchester

June: The Dulaan Project

July: Preemie items for Ninja

August: Red Scarf Project

September: How many People Can We Dress for my local homeless shelter

October: Pretty Bird Woman House

November: Items for men and boys for JezebelSF's local homeless shelter

December: Pick a local cause near you!

I'm open to any other suggestions or options!

Also, a reminder, tomorrow we'll be one week away from the end of the Personal Achievement Contest. Get that last push in! :)

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