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Saturday, December 27, 2008

flickr group set-up!

i set up a flickr group for people to feature the squares they've made for Warm Up America after searching and not finding one.

it's called Warm Up America Work. there's not even any pictures in it right now, but i figure as we start knitting and crocheting away in january, we can add a bunch pretty fast!


Kelli said...

My sister showed me how to make a fleece blanket without sewing! WOOHOO! I'm looking forward to making one for HH in 2009!

Margie the Ladybug said...

Cool! Thank you! :)

Sandy said...

Does that mean they should be posted on flicker instead of here, or in the yahoo photo albums? Both seem so much easier to use to me then flicker. I read often people need to delete pictures on flicker to make room for more, and that for those not members of flicker it's yet one more place to register.


Anonymous said...

sandy - nope, it's not meant to be "in leiu of" any other place to post them. i just thought that, for those already on flickr, it would be another space for us all to be able to view each other's squares. i'm still going to post mine here, for sure!

Sandy said...

Glad to hear flicker is just in addition to. Thanks for feedback. My problem with flicker is, it seems so restrictive. You can't group pics very well, unless you pay to upgrade (to make albums), where as here we see them with the post, and or on yahoo you can make an album, so we could (unless things have changed), have an album for each of the months focuses?

Maybe I need someone to come sit by me to help me with flicker, it's the primary reason I'm never current with projects/pictures etc there. I love the groups and the forums for communicating; but seem to have issues with the picture/flicker portion. I have tried the other method but it doesn't work at all for me.

So..if someone wants to come sit by me...I'll get a 2nd glass and pour the wine. lol